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Theory of Software Testing

Of course, it is useful to know the theory of testing. But there is no ordinary tester in the work nothing supernaturally complicated. Therefore, the necessary theory is learned along the way in half an hour.

At the initial stage of your career, you should not focus too much on terms and different approaches. Ownership programming tools and languages are valued much higher in the market.

On the other hand - understanding basic principals of QA helps to save money on a company level, so any Software Testing Team Lead should be familiar with them and able to adjust practices for his company specific needs.

Test Steps
Test Run
Integration Testing
Cherry Picking
Validation vs Verification


The list of defects is compiled in case of test failure. Each defect must contain a description of the problem in such a form that the discrepancy between the expected result and the real one can be reproduced and further corrected.

The corrected defects are verified together with all affected functionality in order to make sure that the fix is complete and has not resulted in any new defects.

After the correction, the same test cases in which these defects were found should be tested (if it is still possible).

It is necessary to analyze the situation and conduct all necessary additional tests to make sure there are no new defects.

Validation vs Verification

The main difference between verification and validation it consists in the fact that verification is the process of verifying compliance with formal requirements. Roughly speaking, during verification, the tester checks whether the specification for the device/program has been violated.

Validation is the verification of compliance of the device/program with the user's requirements.

The program can meet the specification one hundred percent, but at the same time perform absolutely not what I wanted user. This can happen if the specification is incorrect, insufficient, or ambiguously compiled.

At the same time, a valid program may contain deviations from the specification and fail verification.


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