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Software Testing

What is Software Testing?

Software Testing or Software Quality Assurance is a

Helpfull Phrases

Some phrases that may help you during communication with PMs

Please write me what is the acceptance criteria for this story

Studying Logs

If you are having some issues with the Client it is a good practice to study logs. The log file location is project specific. E.g.

One PC Client can have log file in


and another PC Client may have it in


If is often helpful to check what exactly Client is trying to send to the server.

Open log file with notepad ++ and search for POST

Then it is usually reasonable to use Find All in Current Document option.

Find all in current document

Testing Automation



Books about SW testing

Types of SW Testing

Exploratory Testing


Certified Tester

International Software Testing Qualifications Board

Foundation Level Syllabus

Foundation Level Extension Syllabus Agile Tester

Who is the Software Testing Engineer/QA Engineer

Job description

He is sharing passion for building modern, high-quality software.

As a Test Automation Engineer, he works closely with lead tester and the development team to ensure the highest possible quality. Our product is a new generation software for international markets.

QA Engineer's Tasks

Gaining understanding of the technical product requirements.

Developing and maintaining our overall test model to improve the quality of our work.

Translating technical requirements into thorough automated test cases, while developing, maintaining and documenting the test cases and datasets.

Providing both qualitative and quantitative metrics of the QA effort.

Implementing performance tests.

Requirements To succeed in this role…

You should know at least one programming / scripting language, have experience from test automation development on a system level and be familiar with CI/CD principles, Jenkins and Robot Framework.

Prior experience from working with SaaS or containerization would be a plus.

As most of teams are international, good communication skills in English are a must.

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Soap UI
Testing with Python
API Testing
Pivotal Tracker
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