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Hosting for Web Site in Russia

Hosting for Web Site in Russia image from website www.aredel.com
I am using Beget hosting since 2011, so will start with it.

In the 2011, Beget's position among hosters of .ru zone was around 20. Nowaday it has around fifteen percent of the market as in 2020

I chose it accidentally - a friend of mine suggested that this hoster will have «smaller ping» in St. Petersburg.

Over the years Beget became one of the largest hosting provider. It holds leading position in most ratings.

I think that Beget has achieved such results due to the following factors:

  1. Operational work of technical support.

    Without help from the technical support staff, I would not have been able to install on hosting Django и Flask
  2. Flexible tariff schedule
  3. A well-thought-out affiliate program
  4. User-friendly and intuitive control panel design
  5. The ability to register domain names immediately through BEGET since they become the official registrar of domain names.

You can study the list of all official domain name registrars in the .ru zone here

Due to the fact that Beget became a domain name registrar, they even had a small conflict with another major registrar REG.RU but, fortunately, it did not affect most users. I myself have several domains registered on REG.RU and the sites to which these domains are linked on the hosting BEGET

I will add that there is also an alternative view on domain name registration. Some of my comrades do not register domain names through their hosters, not to store all the eggs in one basket.

If, for example, you just need to add an additional domain to the existing tariff , it is not necessary to switch to a new tariff, it is enough to increase the quota for domains in the settings.

You can also buy a place on the hosting, order the installation of CMS, for example, WordPress or Joomla and more.

DNS servers to specify when registering or transferring domains:


Following my refferal url You can get hosting from Beget and support this website.

Other Hostings

If for some reason Beget hosting is not suitable for you, take a closer look at other hosters.

The statonline website regularly updates data on a huge number of hosters:

Top Hosting Providers in .RU domain zone

According to statonline.ru

Largest hosters in 2020
May 2020
Image by: statonline.ru
Largest hosters in 2018
December 2018
Image by: statonline.ru
Statistics on Largest Hosters in 2018
HosterNumber of Domains %
1REG.RU 284 010 +5 215 14.48% +0.19%
2BeGet 245 893 +2 817 12.53% +0.08%
Хостер Beget
3TIMEWEB184 951 +4 587 9.43% +0.19%
4 Hetzner 123 981 -7 204 6.32% -0.40%
5 RU-CENTER 104 241 -267 5.31% -0.04%
6 Selectel 91 855 +2 358 4.68% +0.10%
7 CloudFlare 87 453 -1 413 4.46% -0.10%
8 Jino 81 593 +1 132 4.16% +0.04%
9 SpaceWeb 81 510 +3 444 4.15% +0.15%
10 .masterhost64 929 -1 962 3.31% -0.12%
11 ihc.ru 59 777 +669 3.05% +0.02%
12 FirstVDS 48 200 -530 2.46% -0.04%
13 SPRINTHOST.RU 47 182 +86 2.40% -0.01%
14 megagroup 43 338 +314 2.21% 0.00%
15 hostland 42 575 +681 2.17% +0.02%
16 Majordomo 36 236 -596 1.85% -0.04%
17 google-cloud 32 432 +354 1.65% +0.01%
18 FastVPS 29 228 -218 1.49% -0.02%
19 OVH 27 673 -138 1.41% -0.01%
20McHost 25 112 +169 1.28% 0.00%

Configure Email

Good hosting providers make it easy to set up mail on your own domain name.

E.g. if your website has domain name HeiHei.ru You can created email info@heihei.ru or oleg@heihei.ru

It is possible to read this email with multiple methods:

  1. Directly through the hosting management site. It does not require configuration, but it is not very convenient, since each once you have to go to the hoster's website.
  2. By setting up forwarding to an existing email. For example, you already had an email before john.doe@yandex.ru and now you want to collect all the mail there.
  3. Using an email client. Good providers write instructions on how to connect to mail on domain with the help of popular clients.

Examples of this manuals:

Outlook Express

Mozilla Thunderbird

Usually it comes down to choosing manual settings and specifying protocols and ports. I have now this option works

mozilla thunderbirg imap smpt

In ThunderBird it looks like this.

mozilla thunderbird imap smtp


In conclusion, I want to warn you about the presence of another scheme according to which beginners webmasters or bloggers register their domains. Hosting is ordered from the found in the search for a hoster. A domain is also ordered there, and often novice bloggers they have a bad idea of what kind of thing it is - domain name registration.

If a hoster is initially selected, which is also a registrar, then there are no underwater there are usually no stones.

But often the hoster is just an intermediary and registers clients with the verified the registrar, for which he takes a small commission.

In this case, it would be nice to additionally check whether the domain name is registered on you the name, suddenly the hoster confused something, anything happens.

I hope this article was useful for you. Leave feedback about your hosters in the comments.

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