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Tasks for Software QA Engineers

Basic Python + requests problem
Check if obsoleted FTP polling was removed
Selenium (+ Java) basics
Selenium (+ Python) basics
Shell Scripting Basics


If you are a tester or want to become one, below are examples of tasks that you can get at the beginning of your career.

If you are an employer and want to check potential candidates for the position of a tester, you can use these examples are

Problem that covers basic Python skills + requests

There is a server on which connected devices are displayed. Let's call it Device manager_

The task is to populate the server with new devices, the number is 1000 devices.

It is necessary that each device has unique ID. Otherwise we will get an error.

This server has documentation for API from which it is known that the request that adds a new device looks like as follows:

PUT to http://devm.com:4880/manager/rest/control/devices/Unique_ID/apps/Client_Name/status/$timestamp=Some_value

It is also known from the API docs that this request passesJSON

{"status": {"clientStatusData": {"message":"Everything is OK", "status":"OK" }, "itemsStatuses": [{ "message":"URN.SU Server simulated", "status":"ENABLED", "name":"Connection", "Number":"0" }, { "message":"TopBicycle.RU Power: 250[mW], Session: 1", "status":"OK", "name":"AndreyOlegovih.ru", "Number":"1" }], "runningStatus": { "restarted":"true", "uptimeMSec":10000} }, "clientInfo": { "applicationInfo":{"applicationVersion":"" }, "deviceInfo": {"itemDescription": "Good Device Number 1", "itemModelId":"Model ID 1", "statusUpdateIntervalMSec":"30000" } }, }


Check if the developer has deleted the outdated polling via FTP

In the old version of the software, the client exchanged messages with the server from time to time using the protocol FTP.

In the new version, it was decided to abandon this. The task of the tester:

Verify that developer removed obsoleted ftp polling


UI Testing Skills

The task is to click on a certain button on the site. The buttons can be different.

Example of a task:

Visit www.eth1.ru/qa/ui/basic_test/ with Playwright, Selenium Webdriver or similar tool.

Write code with

And perform the following actions on it:

1. Fill out the form «Website » and click on the button «Go »

2. Click on the first link with the text "Renovation";

3. Click on the second element with the text "Italy";

4. Click on the second image

Do it all in different ways

Solutions with Selenium + Java

UI Testing Skills part 2



Fill form on the following web page

Solution with Selenium + Python



Start multiple Webdrivers simultaneously

Solution with Python



Upload file to website

Solution with Python

Shell Skills Assesment



Multiply two float numbers



Problem for Performance Testers

Write a script that monitors the consumption of memory and processor resources



There is a directory in which there are many .php files. Task

Find all files in which it occurs python/old_file_name.php and replace this line with python/new_directory/new_name.php


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